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Bjoiteria Explorations

The bjoite are benign, advanced, and utterly inhuman aliens who have lived on Earth for thousands of years. They revealed themselves for the first time in 1867, stepping outside of legends and whispers. The bjoiteria stories explore episodes from their fascinating history and their unpredictable relationships with us. I usually publish them online in formats for the Amazon Kindle and, when those sites are not too balky, other e-readers as well. At $1.99, they're a bargain.


The bjoiteria stories are not sequels of each other. You can read each on its own. I'm listing them here in the order they were written and published.


The Ambassador's Last Recital

In the almost 150 years that the alien bjoite have lived openly among humans, we have not had an easy time together. The fourteenth bjoite ambassador, for example, really wants to do nothing more than play the piano and enjoy classical music, the one thing he likes best about our culture. Instead, he has to fend off assassination attempts, listen to insults, get distracted by pop tunes, and waste time with bureaucratic busywork. Still, he manages to organize for himself one last piano performance in San Francisco’s Symphony Hall and prepare for it.


The concert will happen just a couple of days before the ambassador ends his assignment and leaves our planet. Fully aware of the danger to his life, he looks forward to playing some of his favorite compositions. He even invites a special guest. Will the ambassador survive and get to go home? Who is after him this time, and why? What are bjoite like, anyway?


You can find the story:


Return from the Hunt

Isn’t time racing like mad? Of course it is. December 2036 comes quickly. That’s when Ruth Polyansky stands in a long soup line. She’s hungry, it’s cold, and homelessness doesn’t get any easier after two decades. Finally, when she’s almost about to get her meal, Ruth sees that the volunteer serving the homeless is one of the hated, disgusting bjoite aliens. She can’t stomach that. She’d rather starve.


Ruth’s shadows are catching up with her, and she must relive memories from a time when she hunted and killed. Ducks, rabbits, bjoite. Her recollections focus on a dinner she cooked and served one long-ago evening. That fateful meal also meant the end of the line for her husband, a bus driver.


Other aliens approach. They seem intent on confronting Ruth. She’s not looking forward to this. Can she and they start over? Where will the next meal come from?

Find out in Return from the Hunt, the second story in the bjoiteria adventures. It’s available as an e-book from these sources:


Intriguing Transformation of the Alien Mind

From Baden-Baden to Santa Barbara, the bjoite aliens are on the move. Clockmaker Johannes Rinzerberg, who opens his Baden-Baden workshop in 1867, comes into contact with them and enjoys decades of visits and conversations. He leaves several volumes of journals full of rapturous descriptions and recollections of exalted states. His grandson Paul Rinzerberg tracks the journeys of the bjoite to Santa Barbara, California. Paul, also a clockmaker, settles there shortly before the 1925 earthquake. As his grandfather already learned, bjoite shuttles often touch down in the Santa Ynez Mountains behind the city. The local Chumash Indians have oral traditions about them that go thousands of years into the past.

Paul is particularly curious about an incident in 1251, when a bjoite shuttle crashed into the Pacific Ocean and all travelers died. When he finally makes contact with the aliens, his bjoite mentor directs his explorations of Chumash art and helps him understand how the bjoite experience death and life. Paul is not given to raptures, but finds himself changing through his alien explorations. With the help of the bjoite and a woman he loves, Paul overcomes barriers imposed by his deafness and muteness, meets his future wife, and finds himself connected to a far larger world, full of miraculous awareness and bewildering, vibrant life.

Intriguing Transformations of the Alien Mind finally opens the curtain on the aliens’ inner world and sense of reality at least a little. If you have not read the earlier bjoite stories, this is as good a place as any to start learning about our guests.

You can buy and download the story from two resources:


A Gateway to the Ash Dragon's Walled Garden

As you know, 1867 was a memorable year: The bjoite aliens revealed themselves in London after having visited Earth for millennia while staying in the shadows. In our new story, we touch on these events only briefly.

In the career of the world-famous explorer, Captain Richard Francis Burton, 1867 was a downturn. Appointed by the British Foreign Office as the consul in Santos, Brazil, he had very little to do. Burton and his wife Isabel finally had time to themselves, but soon he got bored and despondent.

In most Burton biographies, this period and his subsequent aimless travels in Latin America are given telegraphic treatment. He drank too much, was difficult to be around, and there is no documentation for much of that sad episode.

Recent findings allow us to shed light on Burton’s dark phase and what happened in his two devastating encounters with the bjoite. Maybe the aliens saved Captain Burton’s life by urging him to write a book about them, but you will likely agree that he paid a high price for this. We also share some observations from the boyhood of Burton protégé Augusto Verjeiro, the only human known to have visited the bjoite home planet.

If you appreciate Burton’s legendary courage and curiosity, and maybe enjoyed his travelogues and translations, A Gateway to the Ash Dragon’s Walled Garden helps you understand the man and that time in history better. The story is now available at for reading on your Kindle or the free Kindle app on your tablet or laptop.